Why should I use Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the best possible way to directly market and reach your targeted audience using emails, which also enhance your relationship with customers. Email Marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing, as mostly everyone is online these days- this makes reaching out your customers with more personalized, relevant and dynamic messages easy. Research shows around 61% of users use social media and 94% use internet to simply check email.

Why should I use Email Marketing - Email Marketing
Email Marketing

This shows how email marketing is successful to target its relevant audience by demographics (age, interest etc.). Also email marketing offers real time reporting and analytics capability to check click-through rates, bounce rates, conversions etc. Though people check their emails more likely than social media, still email-marketing go hand-in-hand with social media, as one can add like and share button in your emails to give customers an option to connect with your brand. Also one can attach testimonials or positive reviews about your brand in emails.

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Things to do before Starting with Email Marketing

1. Pick an Email Marketing Service Provider

First step is to get an Email Marketing service provider which allows you to effectively send messages to large group of contacts or subscribers easily. It also allow you to make professional looking email templates and tools that help you grow and manage your email list. Best feature of these email marketing service providers are, they come with tracking features that allows you to check on who is opening and engaging with your content.

2. Built your own List or Gather Contacts

Why should I use Email Marketing - Build your Email List
Build your Email List

Building an email list is most important to start with email marketing, add an online sign-up form to your website, which allows your followers and passive customers to sign up. One must never buy an email list, as those customers are hardly interested in your business.

3. Add your Contact to Email Marketing Account and Setup Welcome Email

Once you have built your own list, now you can upload your contact list or import contact directly from Gmail or outlook account. Now organize your contacts based on preference and how you target your audience. After that, create a welcome email as your first message for new subscribers. Once set up, this welcome email will be sent automatically to all new contacts.

4. Create and Customize your Email Template

Choosing a mobile-responsive email template which is clean and eye-catching makes a huge difference in your emails. Now, customize your email template as per your business needs and place logo right at the top of your emails. Also create a email footer with your business name and contact information with links added to all social media accounts.

5. Write Emails with Attractive Headlines

Always write your emails with 3 important sections like- Headline, Message body and Call to action. Your subject line should be short and simple to attract customers.

6. Preview and Test before you Send (At the best time possible)

One must always preview your content before sending it to your audience, in case you miss adding an important link or something. Sending emails to audience at the best time, makes a huge difference in email marketing. Based on your customer location and data preference one must create sending schedule to your email list.

7. Track your Results

Email marketing is effectively known for tracking results in real time, which gets you a strong understanding of your customer needs thereby help improving your performance in future.

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Why to use Email Marketing for your Business

1. Economic and Cost Effective

Why to use Email Marketing for your Business - Economic and Cost Effective
Economic and Cost Effective

Email marketing is the most cost-effective method you can find to reach a large number of audience via email. With correct email list and high response rate, email marketing attract customers like no other traditional marketing method does.

2. Customizable

Email marketing helps to customize your emails as per your audience requirement and offer them with something of value. These software allows you to address people individually by name, split certain topics etc., which allows you to get exactly what they need. This helps in building relationship with customers, be friendly and personal also generate leads for your business.

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3. Action Oriented

Emails are very straight forward or action-oriented in nature, as they fetch direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive leads. Emails are action-oriented in nature as they allow you to directly reply, forward, click-through, sign-up, or even straight buying.

4. Real Time Tracking

Email marketing software’s allow you to track your email, which links were clicked and how many people unsubscribed etc. By this one can easily track the performance of their email campaigns, thereby make adjustments if required. Almost all major Email service providers like MailChimp, proves these kinds of analytics.

5. Open Platform

unlike social media, email isn’t owned or controlled by any particular business entity. Email act as an open communication platform having lots of services that provide access to send and receive emails effectively. No company like Facebook or Twitter can make changes in email marketing as there is no one involved. Also every email marketing campaign requires to have a great email list to get unlimited benefits.

6. Effective with Social Media

Why to use Email Marketing for your Business - Effective with Social Media
Effective with Social Media

Now-a-days social media is everywhere and most important accept of every business. By adding your social media networks to emails, it allows you to interact and strengthen relations with your audience, which allows you to reach ultimate goal of ‘conversion’.

7. Email has a Higher ROI (Return on Investment)

Email marketing is the most effective way to drive ROI. As per reports, every $1 spent on email marketing will get you return on investment of $38. This shows how cost-effective, email marketing is. Also it delivers highly personalized and relevant messages by considering their location, interest and past history. This way email marketing helps you to hyper-target with your customers.

8. Build Credibility and Boost Sales

Email marketing helps to build credibility and trust with your audience by providing them with most dynamic and accurate information. Also Email marketing target right audience who are interested in receiving your business updates, thereby making the changes of improving sales.

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9. Attract New Clients

Email marketing helps you connect with more people on your email list, one can share newsletters and announcement easily. Also add to link of your social media to fetch new customers to your business.

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most lucrative marketing technique under the umbrella of digital marketing. It is simply the use of electronic mails or emails that are sent out to people in order to attract customers. With millions of people getting online every month, there are more than half internet users who regularly check their smartphones and computers for any emails and thus, it is one of the largest target audience pool that one could shot emails in order to get a higher return of interest (ROI).

What is Email Marketing - Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing as it doesn’t require the businesses to spend on ad dollars to showcase ads on social media of websites. Instead, it involves usage of an efficient email marketing app or software that would help businesses push emails to the audience.

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When it comes to social media or even search engine, a business has to narrow down its target audience hoping to get the best returns, however, since email marketing involves taking permission from the users itself, allows businesses to garner more response from the customer base both current and potential customers who had signed up to receive emails regarding the services and offers.

What are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

As aforementioned, Email marketing is extremely inexpensive and comes with a higher ROI. It allows the business owners to track analytics about how their emails are performing, click-through rates, bounce rates, and other metrics in an attempt to improve performance further.

Email marketing reaches a wider audience than social media since only about 1 percent of your Facebook followers would ever see a post published by you regarding an upcoming offer while on the contrary, email marketing allows sending emails that reach user’s inbox and pops up on the screen and thereby escalates the click-through rate and visibility.

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Email Marketing is non-invasive when compared to social media and search marketing where the users’ data is used to showcase ads and generate leads. In email marketing, the user itself signs up for newsletters and offers or subscribes to receive all the emails regarding the brand, business, offer, products, etc which is non-invasive and doesn’t exploit user’s data. This makes it more feasible to reach a wider audience while being received well. Since there is more than 66 percent of the U.S. population who use smartphones to check their emails, it further elevates the click-through rates.

There is a technique called remarketing technique which is used by email marketers to send out emails to its users reminding or notifying them about services or offer that they would like to utilize.

Setting up Email Marketing Content

What is Email Marketing - Setting up Email Marketing Content
Email Marketing Content

Similar to any other form of marketing, there is a prerequisite that email marketing content must adhere to in order to attract potential customers or entice current customers to buy your products. ‘The content is the king’ and it applies of email marketing too where the content sent out via emails must use graphics, intuitive colors and fonts, and other variables that would make it look presentable while offering what customer ‘wants’ such as a coupon to a particular product, links to the various social media handles, about the brand, catalog of similar products and more for which, there is a specific layout you could depend on to get the most of the emails being sent.

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What are Email Marketing Etiquettes?

As a user, I wouldn’t like to receive constant emails from a ‘xyz’ brand with deceptive subject line or content. There is a specific CAN-SPAM Act according to which, you shouldn’t spam someone’s inbox, the email should have a method to unsubscribe, details about the sender and the brand must be visible at the footer, and others. Email marketing is like a vast tree with a lot of branches and leaves to explore.